Today it was just awesome! I had my 10th formers roleplay a dialogue at the gym. One had to enrol while the other had to test the client’s fitness providing a  Fitness Profile at the end. At first they’re always a bit shy and I get no volunteers to start. As so, I usually call a team I know will have no trouble in standing before the class. When I still don’t know the class well I  just go for the most participant or the funniest students that stand a better chance to amuse the others and relax them.

The first team was quite nice in the sense that they used vocabulary correctly, they were fluent and funny. the class relaxed and so I could go on. We had a good laugh as the clients paraded following the instructor’s orders. Wouldn’t like to go to that gym though. Too tough! 🙂

I’ve used ROLE PLAYS FOR TODAY (photocopiable resources) by Jason Anderson

Later I’ve found it in Scribd free downloading:


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