Lovely story by my 5th formers. Love them! :)

Click on the link A story about Helen

A story about Helen by cristinasilva on Storybird


 Used STORYBIRD  and built a story with the whole class. Each student had to contribute with sentences based on a chart previously provided with info about the character. These are their first moves in building texts. They were quite excited about the possibility of accessing it at home to show parents.


Pilgrim’s clothing


Halloweenish hats!!

And here’s what they did! Amazing work of art from our little artists. I have to say that only in recent years do we celebrate Halloween in Portugal. I actually remember when I started teaching having to explain what It represented as none of the kids knew about it. Now Halloween is everywhere: TV, magazines and specially shops. Kids even go portuguese ‘trick or treating’ though they’re not very lucky most of the times as people are still not ready for them… 

Anyway they did a great job!

Unfortunetely I do not have the pics of the great winner but I leave you with these equally spectacular!