Countdown started!

In a week we will start E-Learning and Digital cultures MOOC and I’m really thrilled. So far I have been overwhelmed with information… not that I’m not used to dealing with this but coping with three social networks + blogs +  the new links + get to know the people + ‘what when the course really starts’ has left me pretty tired but excited though. I hope I can live up to the (my) expectations.


One thought on “Countdown started!

  1. Hi Cristina, I hope you will enjoy the course too & not feel overwhelmed. I’m sure you’ll hit your stride soon! When I started my blog, I found it helped for me to write down 3 things I hoped to achieve, 3 things I was concerned about, and 3 things I hoped might happen in the course. It helped me focus a bit and not worry too much about all the other “noise” in the social networks. I also found this short video really helpful
    Good luck in the course!


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