Be creative using Voki

Voki is a nice tool that can  be used with students, in an informal presentation or just for fun (I usually make Vokis for people’s birthdays and send them by email). All  you have to do is access the site and create! I have registered so as to keep track of all my vokis.

1st step is to choose a character – they have several although some are destined for voki classroom which means they’re not free.

2nd step – choose a voice – you can record your own or simply write the text and choose a voice from their selection (they actually have different accents of English and different languages too!). You can listen to it and edit, if it’s not right.

3rd step- get a background scenario

4th step – you can opt to include props, bling etc.

5th step – save it, email it or publish it in your website



2 thoughts on “Be creative using Voki

  1. Hi Cristina, Voki is a great tool, I agree. I have seen it used in language classes between a school in Scotland and France. Pupils recorded themselves speaking French & English, then added this to their Voki character. Then they embedded the Voki’s on to their blog and exchanged with each other. Great for them to hear each other speak their respective languages. Voki’s are good fun as well, aren’t they!


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