Edmodo: exchange and learn



This is a platform I started using last year. It is a kind of socialnetwork but for teachers and students. The communities within are vast: you can find Language and Arts, Maths, Science and so on. You join one of those communities and start interacting with teachers all around the world. Believe me, it is worth. Despite learning a lot you get free access to all kind of resources; you ask others for advice and suggestions; you get ideas for projects, lesson plans and webinars. Along with this, you can also interact with students: you just have to create a group, provide the students with the password, which is then created, and have them sign up in that group. After this you can do a lot of things: assign tasks, send messages to the whole group or private, post pictures, videos, audio,  text, make quizzes and even tests. Those who register get the chance to customize their profile by inserting a picture, info and favourite quotes. Every time you get an assignment back from the students you are notified- as in Facebook, even the layout is similar – you also get notifications for messages and posts. You can have your own ‘library’ where you store all the resources borrowed from members and you can also keep a record of the students’ progress. It is also possible to send them feedback and if you click  ‘insight’ you get funny icons that show how you feel about what they’ve done. As additional features, recently updated, you can monitor activity and view who has been viewing your posts, when and how many times.

Really worth trying


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