How to organize your digital stuff


We are loaded with new articles, links, videos, pictures, interesting things everyday.
Then we lose all. We can not stick a post it on them or keep the information locked in a drawer. Favourites in our computer can’t do with the number of items we try to include there. So what can we do? We have to choose a curation tool to help us.
What is to curate?To curate is, in brief, to keep track of all the websites you find important and provide access to them whenever you need. In other words, it is a sort of online digital library you visit when you need.There are a lot of curation tools: Reddit, Del.icious, Diigo,, etc.Personally I go for Pearltrees. I can’t really tell why I chose this one specifically but I guess that the idea of having a tree growing is visually appealing. Plus, you can add a picture to each pearl that grows in your tree which is also eye-catching. This ‘library’ stays online and other people can pick your pearls which can cause a bit of disconfort for some but the good news is: you can also pick pearls from others enrichening your selection on a certain subject.
Good news: it is already Android compatible.
Anyway no matter what you choose it is time to start organizing your stuff as the course will sart in… 20hours, my calendar says.


5 thoughts on “How to organize your digital stuff

  1. I have never heard about pearltrees. It reminds me of Pinterest which makes sense to me. I’m going to try pearltrees. No Android app but I see that there is one for iPad/iPhone so that’s good. I’ve tried so many tools and it’s hard to find that special one that works. Pinterest worked for me and I’m thinking that pearltrees just might be just as great on a different level. Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention.


  2. I really need one of this tools!! so if you recommend it, I will try it! πŸ™‚ I have too many information in my favourites and sometimes I can’t remember what I’m looking for just with the name saved so…this can be very useful…we have a lot of information with our new course πŸ™‚


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