Here comes another Mooc!

I’m an EFL teacher  living in Portugal – I have lived in Belgium and Brasil too- a mum of two and a very busy person who still finds time to attend a MOOC.

I teach K12 students and my aim is to improve and innovate that’s why, after a course in Oxford in July 2012, I decided I should build my PLN. I haven’t stopped ever since. I must confess it is time consuming but it brings me enthusiasm and motivation to keep on teaching after nearly twenty years. All this process of connecting with people, visiting their sites, learning new techniques has enriched me both professionally and personally and made me a much more capable  techie…  I’m proud to have done it by myself although I got the help of  hundreds of people from all over the world  whom I have never met!

After a very rewarding experience with a first Mooc – in E-learning and Digital Cultures- by the University of Edinburgh. Here I am trying again. I’m sure I will enjoy and, above all, learn!


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