My global school

Based on several webinars I attended, blogs I read and books I purposedly bought I decided to challenge my 12ht grade students to do a PBL Project . It was the first time I ever tried it but was really proud with the outcome.

Project guidelines
#1 Name? My Global School
#2 What is the Aim?
• To show that you understand what Globalisation is
• To show that you understand what positive/negative effects Globalisation brings
• Analyse the world’s situation concerning learning
• Consider the emergence of new forms of learning (e-learning)
• To understand the importance of technology in building a global world
• To master the English language so as to
To create an interesting project on how you would make your school adapt to a global world
#3 How will we do it? Form groups of 3 or 4 people because this will be a cooperative project
#4 Where will we do it? The project will be done during the English lessons unless the use of a certain source requires otherwise
#5 How long will I have? You will have 3 weeks to finish it
#6 What resources ca I use? You can use any resources you like with no restrictions (internet-laptop;mobile- dictionaries, encyclopaedias, people)
#7 Is it a written project? It needn’t be. You can choose any kind of way to present it (recordings; videos; theatres; posters; web artifacts; interviews; written; images, experiments, etc) Remember that it:
• Has to be feasible, i.e. whatever you decide to do will potentially be put into practice
• Has to be creative so that you can ‘sell’ your idea
• Has to be well designed and organized
• Has to have impact
• Has to make the difference
#8 Then what? Then the best peered voted project will be presented to the school board. If there’s no consensus the project supervisor will decide.
#9 How will I be assessed? You’ll be assessed in 3 key stages:
• Early in the project
• During the project
• After the presentation
( All criteria to be assessed will be presented later on by your supervisor)
#10 What if the project is not concluded in due time? Well unless you have a medical report you will not have any other chance to conclude or present it.

The outcome couldn’t be better


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