We’re on the air Project

Sometimes I come home complaining about how I don’t have time to do the things I like and how boring our daily routine can be. After nearly 20 years of teaching the job seems to be in a holt and I find myself repeating the same things over and over again. The students are there, of course, but as one college teacher once told me:

They’re always the same age!

Every year we get new faces but the age is always the same. We’re a year older but they keep being 12, 13, 15… This makes us think about how time really flies and wonder whether we’ll be able to live up to their expectations.

Then suddenly I meet a group of  wonderful, energetic  people that motivate and inspire me to keep going and surprise those fantastic creatures that make our job one the most (if not THE most) rewarding professions in the world. See? Used profession, not job.

I’m talking about the wonderful 30 challenge to Educators group to which I have made no contribution up to now. 😦

Shelly Terrell is, no doubt, a living education hurricane! I had the privilege of making a modest presentation for Teachmeet Int’l where among other excellent presenters I met her.

Here we are.


Through Shelly I had the opportunity to meet other brilliant Educators, learn from them and engage in new projects.

That’s what brings me here. From the 30 Goals a new group was formed by dear Theodora Pap  .An educator from Greece always ‘full of beans’ and ideas.

We’re on the air!!! is the name of this simple, easy- to- do project that I’ve just started with my 12th graders.

The first theme of this Project will be My Home Town and the point is to make a video about our city

  • the students must work in groups
  • they can film using cameras, tablets or mobiles
  • they must film in different locations
  • the film shouldn’t be longer than 5m

Pretty simple.

What did I do first?


Now I just have to wait to see how it goes!

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