We’re nearly on the air!!


As I have posted before WE’RE ON THE AIR PROJECT  is the name of this simple, easy- to- do project that I’ve just started with my 12th graders.

The first theme of this Project is My Home Town and the point is to make a video about our city
•the students worked in groups
•they filmed using mobiles
•they filmed in different locations
•the film is 2m long


•I provided a rubric for the Project

•had them fill it in class as a way of planning the work

Finally they handed in their videos which will now be edited and shortened into a 5m film

I couldn’t resist to show you some of the videos before editing as they deserve to be stood out.

Have a look:

The boys did quite well. The weather didn’t…

The girls had a personal cameraman (woman?)

The best music choice. Portuguese, no doubt.

English SADI’s (acronym for their names) project

I may say I’m proud of them. 🙂


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