My hometwon “We’re on the air Project”

And finally here I am with the final result! As I have  previously explained the kids were supposed to produce a video where their hometown should be portrayed the way they wished.

Stage #1 Project planning in groups

Stage #2 They filmed with their mobiles and each group (there were 6 of them) came up with a video of what they found more interesting and worth mentioning/seeing . If you click here you will see some of those videos.

Stage #3 Audio recording. In class (sometimes we hear a nearly inaudible ssshhh at the back…) the students volunteered to record what they had written.

Stage #4 Video editing- my task… not a premium editor. Good enough not to let them down.
However biased I may be, I think they did a good job. 🙂


One thought on “My hometwon “We’re on the air Project”

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