Skyping with Kazakhstan

The idea came from Nurbol Bekbaganbetov, a teacher from Aktobe, Kazakhstan. We came in touch through one of the most wonderful tools I know: EDMODO, an educational socialnetwork. Wonderful to share, learn and engage with Ss.

Together we scheduled a set of skype sessions with his students in Aktobe and mine here in Porto, Portugal. It was great. the plan was:

1# Ss had to gather all sort of information about their country including pictures, films and objects.

2# then, when time came, they had to take a Kazakh student skype address and initialize the conversation

3# the sessions were scheduled considering timezone and Ss’ age

4# they could use any sort of device: PC, laptop, tablet or mobile

We had about 5 different sessions and although the connection was not perfect the kids enjoyed and, as far as I know, some of them still keep in touch every now and then. In those sessions appart from talking they shared pictures with each other and showed objects depicting their national culture. It was awesome!

2013-05-06 11.25.35

Headsets ready


2013-05-06 11.26.07

This session took place in the ICT room


2013-05-06 11.26.27

Showing their images


2013-05-06 11.29.55

My colleague from Aktobe


2013-05-06 11.34.19

It works with mobiles!


2013-05-10 11.25.35

And wherever you feel confortable


2013-05-14 11.58.03

They were thrilled to observe the uniforms


2013-05-14 12.01.18

A session with the younger ones


2013-05-14 12.01.35

Did their homework!


2013-05-14 12.21.07


I guess some of my boys were in love! 🙂

2013-05-10 11.06.47

11/12 year-olds


2013-05-10 11.16.32

The girls live from Kazakhstan


2013-05-10 10.59.48

Francisco delighted to meet older, foreign girls.


2013-04-26 12.28.50



One thought on “Skyping with Kazakhstan

  1. Thank you very very much, Christina!!! We had great experience, and we are eager to continue… I think that is a great tool to motivate students, and we should write a manual to our colleaguess (as a pioneers lol). Now we can easily integrate PBL (project b l) and peer assessment, that as I hope will make our students more serious…


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