Idioms with vision

Teaching idioms is not that bad, is it? But a man can do no more than he can so why not give the kids a push?
If you’re teaching them early in the morning they’re as fresh as a daisy so you won’t have any trouble. But then, at the drop of a hat, they want to go home and have lunch. Sometimes, no matter how you slice it they’re just not with you… So, to pave the way to their engagement in the activity why not Padlet as the icing on the cake?

Padlet could actually help them visualize the idioms (and proverbs). Here and here there are a few examples. You just have to post a few pics and have them guess the idiom or you can ask them to post the pictures themselves and have the others guess.



I also found this wonderful resource by Hana Tichá who has this amazing blog of visual idioms. Not to miss!



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