It all started in the ewtinning plattform where I met Erkan Ürey, Science and technology teacher.IMG_1874

The invitation followed and a month and a half later I was in Kayseri together with my italian partners.
I must say we were warmly welcomed by our hosts who turned our visit into something way more pleasant than just a mere work reunion. Despite the language set backs, communication went fluid as it could be and the project was nearly concluded.

I must say I was ASTONISHED with the way their school (çetin Sen bilim ve Sanat Merkezi) is organized.


It is a school for gifted children with project oriented-learning, classes no bigger than 5 students and all subjects such as Maths, Physics, Philosophy, Turkish, English, Chess (!!) have their own rooms and that’s where the projects are held. I was really impressed with the emphasis given to Arts all around the school. They even have a special area destined to music learning with all sort of instruments! Amazing.

Thanks to Headmaster Fikri Ulusoy’s hard work the school survives on donations and sponsorships providing these children with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of learning out of the regular test assessment-oriented schooling patterns.


20131110_103624 IMG_1803 IMG_1804 IMG_1809 IMG_1812IMG_1804


We also had the opportunity to skype with the partners not present such as Poland and Germany.

I sure hope this project goes through and we continue to work together! 🙂


Comenius Preparatory visit to Kayseri, Turkey

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