Project «We’re on the air» final reflections



As a balance of what my work and the kids’ was, in this project, I would say they did way more than me!
I started by providing them with the guidelines and gave them a rubric to plan their work.
After this, phase #2 came. Each group produced a video with no help from me whatsoever.

  • They chose the program
  • They chose what they wanted to film
  • They chose the music to play along
  • They chose the sequence

Finally I compiled their videos in a 5m film with their help on music choice (they voted for the one they found the best) and also sequence of scenes and voice recording. This was done in class.

I can speak on behalf of everyone and say we  found this to be a fantastic project specially because these students didn’t know each other as this was the first year they had classes together. I also didn’t know them despite being their last school year. Actually this was one of those classes you start with the wrong foot (portuguese for we didn’t get along well straight away). They are bright (some, really language gifted), articulate kids but  they didn’t have work habits, did no homework and kept silent in class.  You know, those embarrassing moments of silence that make you look like a fool…  This project, as we did it back at the start of the term, set the beginning of a wonderful relationship between us so I can only but thank dear Theodora Pap for bringing me into this! 🙂

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