Can they speak or what?

My misfortune is that I do not have the time to update my blog as frequently as I wanted. Everytime I have a lesson worth mentioning I keep reminding myself that I have to come here and blog about  it but then something comes up and 2 months go by without me noticing it.

Precisely 2 months ago I used Kieran Donaghy‘s lesson plan SOULMATE. what a success! The lesson is beautifully planned and the students just loved it. In the end, I promoted a debate on whether soulmates do exist, or not.

#1 I had the class divided in two

#2 They were randomly chosen to be FOR or AGAINST the existence of Soulmates

The result was fantastic:

2014-02-21 09.28.47 2014-02-21 09.29.47 2014-02-21 09.29.55

Although the sound might not be great the content is!



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