Eduheroes- Is teaching a rewarding experience?

Teaching can be a daunting experience.

Portugal is going through hard times: unmotivation, lack of support and despair for many. The current teacher selection is made by applying to a nationwide program that selects your choices and places you in a school. No interview, no CV, no personal touch. It usually works. This year it was chaos. People going from North to South, others with no school to teach, one was even placed in 75 schools (!!??) simultaneously. Another had to leave home, embark on a new life 500km away just to find out 2 weeks later that she had to return to where she was before. She was unemployed after all!  It goes without saying that she had to move the whole family along with her. So, right now, there are still many schools with NO teachers yet and many teachers still waiting to know what will come up for their lives.

I’m not going through any of this and sometimes I feel discouraged. So my question is: how can these people find motivation to keep going?

A couple of years ago I had the chance to attend a teachers’ training course in Oxford, United Kingdom, and I can say that that has changed my professional life forever. Not because of the contents themselves (although they were excellent) but because it opened doors to meet wonderful, creative and inspiring people that I will never part from.

Through my teacher trainer at the time, Janet Bianchinni, I heard of Shelly Terrel for the first time and through her I learned about wonderful communities such as the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators, nearly finishing its 5th cycle now, and met wonderful people who I consider friends (or should I used Ary Aranguiz’s -whom I also met in a MOOC- ‘fraingers‘?).

I can never stop thanking Shelly for  being such a creative and inspiring Educator. She literally never stops. And just when you thing there’s nothing more she can come up with… you are soo wrong!!! She can!

And you know what? All her energy is contageous, as I read her talking about EduHeroes I find motivation to go on. If I don’t succeed being an EduHurricane as she is (no hurdles, no fear, no way to be stopped) I will try EduHeroeness.

Thanks for quoting me on slide 33. It means a lot. ❤