Educanon and Zaption- working with videos in class

Last year I came across these two wonderful tools: Zaption & Educanon.







They are both tools to work with videos:

1. You register as you do with any other tool. The good thing is that you can register not only with Facebook or Google+ accounts but also with your Edmodo account which is quite confy. You can obviously opt to sign in using your email and username.

2. Once in, you must choose a video you want your students to work on by selecting it and pasting its URL.

3. Then you can add questions to the video by indicating where. It will stop and you create your Multiple Choice; True/ False; Open Answer or just a Reflective pause. You can also crop the video.

4. Once you’re done editing you can preview it in the students perspective

Good things:

a) You can work with any video you choose

b) Once  students start watching they can stop the recording but not rewind or forward it

c) There’s no time limit to complete the task

d) They can do it as a homework assignment or in class

There are some differences between these two tools such as features or type of questions permitted within the free plan. They are worth exploring!

Click on the following link and have a look:




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