Teacher’s Survival Kit- Revisited

Last school year was quite hard for me. I engaged in  several projects at the same time. I was away with students or teachers for longer than my family deserved. I was on a plane for 17 times. I prepared workshops, conferences and webinars. I worked all weekends with no exception. I lost my Head teacher who had been working with me for the past 20 years. Ufff. You name it.

At the end I was  a complete wreck but still strong enough to go to Oxford again and attend Exeter College’s Teacher Seminar for 2 weeks. It was so hard to get started. I hadn’t been sleeping much and my memory was really affected. It seemed impossible to focus during lectures and yet they were incredibly interesting. I felt so bad, irritaded, moody. Not even pills seemed to help me get through. Anxiety always takes the best over me.

This year I decided I would do things differently. I did.


Here’s how my kit works

  • Expand week time work so that weekend is left (rather) free to rest and enjoy family activities. Who wants to have a crumpy mum complaining about her work misfortune?
  • Refrain from working after 9pm as it troubles the sleep and stirs your brain in a way it does not let you relax
  • Control anxiety to avoid wanting everything done NOW. It kills you and the others. There won’t be much damage if THE worksheet is not done for tomorrow.
  • Do not despair if you’ve left something  unbelievably and undescrivably important at home.  There are sure other alternatives. Teachers are the best to find a Plan B.
  • Stop thinking abot work  everytime you’re with friends. Going for a walk does not have to mean you will be looking for nice quotes or realia. Leave resource hunting for some other time
  • Do not take work with you if you’ve arranged a weekend out. You won’t have your head free to be with the people who love you,  and work will not be productive either
  • Do not drink too much coffee. It provides fake energy which will leave much more tired after the cafein effect is gone.


🙂  It was really important to revisit this 30 Goal Challenge and get a badge!




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