Letter to my students


Dear students,

Some of you may have heard this story before as I make no secret about it. I’ve told it as a way to encourage and show you that life isn’t always as linear as it seems. Things change and people too. Don’t ever regret your choices. You made them for a reason. Don’t be scared of changing your route. Taking risks is what makes the world go around.

I never wanted to be a teacher. I had nightmares imagining myself in front of a class of mocking teenagers, not knowing what to say, exposing my failures. That seemed so terrifying. Hence, I took a decision: I would be a Translator.

That seemed the best choice. How safer could it be? I sat secluded behind a computer screen with no eager little eyes inspecting and scanning me every minute. How safer could it be?

And so it was. For some time. I used to sit at my desk and perform the tasks irreprehensibly.  One after another. Day in, day out. Alone. Secluded.

The work was scarce but the payment was excellent. What else could I want? I sat at my computer alone and away from those flipping through little eyes, immersed in routine…

How dull could it be?

One day I had to say enough. I mean, I am a communicator. I love to talk , I love people and I love interacting with them. Laboratories were not made for me. I need eye and physical contact with HUMANS! I felt abandoned and away from the most important thing in life: us!

And so I made a huge turn in my life. I never, ever regreted the decision I took: nor the first or the second. I had to follow the course of things but there is no doubt I was right the second time.

Where else could I feel I make the difference in someone’s life? Where else do I get the chance to Learn everyday sipping from eternal youth. Students are eternally young. They are always the same age and I feel rejuvenated just to be around You!

You make me laugh, you teach me about simple things in life, you make me cry. You say goodbye and you come back to visit me years after.

You remember me!

You make me feel so important when you recall moments we had together, secrets you shared with me.

I am so deeply proud when you thank me for doing what is right: listen, guide, support you.

How empty my life would be without you.

Thank you for being part of my life and making it so much better.

I  have always wanted to be a teacher.

Yours sincerely

Cristina Silva


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