My favourite eTwinning project so far

This is a weekly task for the #twinmooc I am currently follwing in the eTwinning platform.
In  a, no more than,   140- charaters -tweet -post I had to define eTwinning. Easy. eTwinning is connecting my students and my school to the world!

What else could I say? Well, a lot.

#1 I came across wonderful people in the eTwinning platform, some of them I have even met face to face.

#2 I engaged in several simple projects which contributed to my students growing as pupils and as citizens of the world

#3 I started  exchange student projects with different countries such as Hungary, France and Belgium

#4 I even started an Erasmus+ project with fantastic people whom I will never forget and hope to work further in the future

#5 I had the chance to attend a PDW (Professional Development Worshop) in Guimarães, Portugal, where I met a colleague from Luxemburg who rapidly became a friend. Together with some others from Croatia, Germany and Norway we started a project with our 6th graders. My favourite eTwinning Project:

Share the tale

Starting in Luxemburg, the students from the 5 countries involved had to write a chapter for a story whose characters they had previously been introduced to. They had to use Simple Present, write a pre-defined number of words, make sketches to illustrate their episode and include a monument from the city they lived in. At the end the book was turned into an audio book and later printed as paperback. As so, the students were able to buy it for a really affordable price and can now be used in class!

The book’s name: THE MAGIC RING

Very proud of it. 🙂




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