#Twinmooc – week 3 reflection

The question I am supposed to answer as a task for Unit 2 of Twinmooc is:

What needs or areas of improvement and learning have I detected in my teaching?

More than my own practice I believe that teaching as a whole needs improvement at several levels:

#1 Classroom display

No matter how many classrooms I walk in or where I do it  this is what I get. Despite swapping boards from black to white and chalk for markers, desks carry on  surgically aligned  in rows with the teacher on the stage.


Lucklily I work at a school that supports and fosters innovation therefore any change or good idea is  welcome. As such, if I want to change my classroom when using it, I can do it.

Actually this happens quite often as I adopt PBL (Project based Learning) in many of my lessons which leads me to

#2 Project work

I started project work some years ago and haven’t stopped ever since. I find that my students engage more in the tasks and really like to work collaboratively.



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