Why is technology so important in the classroom?


DIGITAL LITERACY is a 21st century skill, as important as COLLABORATIVE WORK, PROBLEM SOLVING LANGUAGE COMPETENCES or CRITICAL THINKING. As a matter of fact, when using technology you tackle all the other and foster students’ motivation to engage in classroom tasks.
There’s no way we can withdraw technology from this Digital Native generation of students. Most of us are merely Dicassette-2025403_960_720gital Immigrants, i.e., we are part of a generation that was caught right in the middle of the technological revolution. I am a good example of that: back in the nineties, when I started, having a tape recorder in class was the highest you could get!

How far that is and how much things have changed. We came from nothing to ALL. No matter how scary this may seem it’s part of our job as Educators to keep up with the change.Β 6685782417_29e9f8b8da

I still hear a lot of talking around like I’ve always taught this way, why change? I also have team partners that still prefer CD players to PCs or Laptops. Others still struggle to use a USB stick or ask what a URL is. With all the information going round and all the free courses available online this shouldn’t be an issue.









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